All about anime figures and merchandise

To bring authentic and high quality anime figures and merchandise directly to Singapore from Japan. That is the mission of Desudesu.

From what we can observe, the anime figures, toys and collectibles scene in Singapore is fragmented and competitive. Many shops are competing against each other aggressively with prices.  No single shop dominates the physical or online presence in Singapore as well. Last time Singapore had a franchise called Comics Collection but it has since closed down and replaced by PlayE.

In Singapore, we feel that customer service and information flow among the many shops could be better improved. The point of retail in Singapore is straight-forward. Customers like you can physically check their anime figures for defects before confirming the purchase. The purchase should be fuss-free and quick. Otherwise, it would be better for you to purchase your anime figures off overseas websites such as Amiami or Hobbylink Japan!

Therefore, we pride ourselves in offering attractive prices and service in the market. Check out the products yourself and stay tuned to our social media pages for the latest information! Click here to start shopping now!

A little history

Desudesu was unofficially started by Wilson Leong in 2015 through Carousell. Carousell is a platform that connected consumers to consumers(C2C) but businesses use it to increase their outreach to consumers online.

Like many hobbyists, Japan enthusiasts, or otakus, he was inspired by the massive collection of anime figures and merchandise found in Japan. He hopes to introduce the same culture in Singapore.

More than 100 high-value items( Especially anime figures) have been transacted over the past 2 years on Carousell. Once our online presence reach a certain point in Singapore, we aim to open up a gallery concept style of retail outlet. We hope to see you visit our store then!

Have you ever wonder how the name came about?

The word ‘desu’ is a Japanese grammar copula. It is commonly used at the end of a sentence as the predicate, or to make a sentence sound more polite. This translates out to “to be” or “is”.

In popular anime culture and online communities, ‘desu’ has become a word that defines Japanese linguistics in a viral way. Take care desu!