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Going Japan? Top 5 Places to visit for Anime Figures in Akihabara, Tokyo – Part 1.

Akihabara – is it the dream of every Figure Collector to be in the home and world of anime series?

Akihabara, Tokyo

Worked hard and saved up some moolah for a week’s trip to Japan? Are you thinking to yourself – “I must visit all the anime stores and buy some collectibles back”. That’s right, I had this thought 6 months into my full-time work and told myself it is a good time to take a break. Akihabara is famed for being known as the electric town as it sells a lot of electronic goods. Over time, it became the place to go to for pop-culture and anime-culture consumer goods.

I went to Tokyo from 22nd March 2019 and 6th April 2019. It was a total period of 14 days, excluding flight time that has transfers at Bangkok, Thailand. Tokyo was just one of the places I went – I did travel out to nature area and popular tourist places too.

I will share with you the top 5 places to visit to purchase your favorite character and anime merchandise in Akihabara. For reading ease, I will be splitting my list up. Finding these places can be difficult but do not worry as they are all listed on Google Maps. Do Google the names and save/bookmark the places to your favorites!

  1. Animate
  2. Surugaya
  3. Mandrake
  4. Sofmap
  5. Akiba Culture Zone
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Location Guide: Places to buy anime figures and merchandise in Singapore

Compilation of anime merchandise stores’ locations in Singapore

A quick Google search about anime merchandise in Singapore and it turns out – many of the results are simply people asking for information on the best places to shop in Singapore.

The retail landscape in Singapore is extremely dynamic and competitive. Due to the competition of e-commerce, retail stores are losing their much of their appeal because Singaporeans are sensitive to prices. Compilation lists such as this become obsolete fast because shops come and go. They change location, open a new store or even close down in matter of months.

Nonetheless, I would like to dedicate this post to all local retailers who keep their heads high and also for keeping the collectors’ dream alive. It is definitely not easy to continue running a retail business in Singapore where the rent/overhead and manpower cost is so expensive.

Retail Stores


Fook Hai Building
150 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058727


Social Media:

Email Address:
[email protected]

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How to tell the difference between authentic and fake/bootleg anime figures?

How does one tell the difference between an authentic and fake figure?

First of all, fake anime figures are the ones destroying the market prices. They discourage legitimate hard work by the creators. It gives no credit to the source of the character as well. Most importantly, you are getting cheated!

Here are some ways to identify a fake/bootleg anime figure.

1) Packaging/Box Art

Fake figures manufacturers try hard to imitate the real thing as closely as they can. However, they tend to miss out on small key details and differences. They include:

  • Faded wordings/text descriptions
  •  Wrongly colored titles or logos
  • No bar code
  • No authentication or official license sticker
    • The sticker is not made of shiny/holographic material
  • The box should be sealed with a circular clear tape at the top

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Tips on buying Anime Figures, Figurines, Merchandise on Carousell

Tips on buying on Carousell

As promised, here is a detailed list of tips before you buy anything, specifically anime figurines on Carousell. Read up about my overall experience on Carousell here. As much as you would want to buy on impulse, please do these necessary due diligence!!

1) Do your research

Research is about everything! Some of the things I would doubly check through would be…

Tip #1 – Am I getting a good price for this item?

  • Research about the retail price online through anime merchandise websites such as Good Smile, Amiami, Hobbylink Japan, 1999. Some of these sites display their prices with Yen or USD. I would use my Oanda Currency Converter app or do a quick Google search to get the prices in SGD with about +/- 3-5% deviation. Try adding the items into cart and see how much the costs add up, in terms of shipping, taxes and other costs. This would give you a good estimate of the price.

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Carousell Experience with Desudesu

Anime figures, toys and merchandise

How to deal anime figures on Carousell?

I can’t believe it has been 3 years since I started out selling anime figures, merchandise and toys on the platform Carousell. Carousell is a tech start-up created by a group of Singaporeans in 2012 as a platform to facilitate Consumer-to-Consumer purchases – basically C2C. (Gosh, I am starting to remember my days in university understanding and explaining these business terms)

Basically, anyone can post and list brand new or second-hand items and deal directly with any interested buyers. So here I am, sharing about my experience and informing about the general things you should be aware as a Carousell seller/user. Continue reading Carousell Experience with Desudesu

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What are the different types of anime figures?

Too many variations of anime figures!

Have you seen shops in Singapore with literally thousands of anime figures on display? Well, I sure have! When I was about 16 years old, there was this shop that I went. I was overwhelmed by the vast number of colors, lines, contrasts. I left the shop after a while, feeling deeply impressed and dizzy at the same time. (The spotlights did not help!)

Supposedly, you want to buy an anime figure of your favorite series. A big question would be – where do I start? The anime merchandise industry is huge. There are just way too many different anime series, figures and merchandise.

I am pretty sure this is a common experience for many people. To begin with, you need to know what you want. So fret not, I will be guiding you through the different types of anime figures that are out there.

1) Nendoroid

Nendoroid (ねんどろいど nendoroido) series is a brand of anime figures created by Good Smile Company. They are unique in the sense that they have a larger head and a smaller body. This gives your favorite characters a very cute and child-like appearance. It is something like chibi, if you are familiar with the term.

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