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Mobile Games: Introduction to the 2 games that I play the most

Mobile games are expected to account for 72% global mobile revenue in 2018!

mobile games
mobile games

Is it true about what people say about mobile games? Check out this article here to find out more.

Once in a while, a good mobile game comes along on the Android/iOS market. I will download it and get the pre-registration bonus. From the train/bus to work or home, mobile games have strategically adapted to consumer behaviour, allowing people to play anytime, anywhere.

Do you do this as well? Personally, I think mobile games are a great way to zone out and be in one’s world in public spaces. However, too many people are playing it even when crossing the road!

There was a point of time I was hooked on to Township because of its crazy developmental capabilities as a strategic town development kind of game. For instance, I recall playing a variety of games like Brave Frontier, Final Fantasy: Brave Evius, Metal Slug, Angels of Fire and many more.

What is so great about Mobile Games anyway?

Some mobile games are even designed by psychologists so they understand human behaviour. This allows them to tweak the gameplay and system to make playing addictive.

Many players continue because it is simply fulfilling and addictive to be part of your favourite’s characters’ growth. Story, gameplay, graphics, and superb voice acting are great aspects to be hooked up on a Mobile Game.

Not once have I regret all the time and energy spent on levelling my favourite characters, increasing their ranks. Getting the strongest weapon and equipment for them is an everyday routine for me.

Then there is Gatcha

On a side note, Gatcha drives me crazy too – with the ridiculously low rate of drawing an SSR or even an SR.

Wait, what are these terms anyway? SR means Super Rare, something like a 4 star – a good to have. SSR generally means the top tier ‘Specially Super Rare’ or ‘Special Super Rare’ that you cannot obtain through normal means but only through limited-time draws or event-exclusive draws that you most probably have to place your life bets on drawing an SSR.

Mobile games are notoriously infamous for micro-transactions and Gatcha rates. Well, THAT is how they sustain and earn money to pay their staff and keep coming up with great new content. Occasionally, some paid Gatcha is fine as long as you know what you are doing and it does not affect your real life. DO NOT BE THIS GUY.

Here are the 2 games that I am currently playing and spending the most time on (and money, of course).

Fate/Grand Order

fate grand order mobile game
fate grand order

Without a doubt, this game is insanely popular in Japan – it is consistently within the top 10 charts for Mobile Games spending and players do not hesitate to support the game through the gatcha system.

The Fate series has come a long way since its Fate/Stay Night origin as a visual novel. Fate series has immersive novel storytelling, a large variety of reimagined characters from human history, impressive animation and these are some of the things that will keep you captivated to the series.

Well, where do I even start? To give a one-line summary – heroes from history can be summoned to the present through magic to fight in a Holy War. But there is just so many spin-off series, different arcs, and routes, it is a massive headache to even understand how to begin indulging in this series. Read this Beginner’s Guide to Fate series if you are keen.

fate stay night
Where do I even start?

My experience with Fate/Grand Order

Fate/Grand Order is like the mobile game that unites all heroic spirits from the various series.

I was playing the JP version through QooApp before the Global version was out (shhh). But I realised I could barely understand the complex narrative so I decided to wait for the Global release.

 Soon, I invested time and resources in my Global account. Over the year, I managed to reach level 130+ with a pool of 4* and 5* Servants. You can see below screenshots of all my Servants. Of course, as I do not have a lot of time on hand to grind/farm due to work, the levels of my Servants’ skills are pretty much lacking.

fate grand order mobile game servants
My Fate/Grand Order Servants Part 1
fate grand order servants mobile game
My Fate/Grand Order Servants Part 2

Personal Fate/ Grand Order collection

From these images, my favourite Servants would be Jeanne d’Arc, Tamamo no Mae, Minamoto Musashi. Pretty sure I do not need to explain why! I am suffering from an EXP drought whereby I have too many servants that are not levelled.

In addition, I have been trying to draw Scathach. Her banners are rare and the Gatcha rate is not helping! If memory serves me right, I should have spent about $250+ on Gatcha thus far.

Please feel free to add me if you need support! Here’s my ID.

Fate Series products are extremely popular – they run out of stock fast. Check out my last remaining item – Nendoroid Archer!

Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera  Omnia

dissidia final fantasy opera omnia
Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Final Fantasy has this spin-off series called Dissidia Final Fantasy where the heroes and villains of the respective Final Fantasy series are summoned to a world. Here, they face the truth of their visits and fight it out.

Originally a PlayStation Portable game, these series have adapted to a PS4 version called Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and the Mobile Game version called Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia.

This game has some crazy Gatcha system

Every player will be able to unlock Final Fantasy characters if you manage to clear the events when they are released. However, these characters have a variety of weapons. Each weapon requires 3 of the same weapon to fully limit break it. In other words, it is necessary to draw the same weapons 4 times to maximize your characters.

Of course, you can limit break it once using 4 Power Stones (it is possible to convert and sell a weapon for 1 Power Stone).

dissidia final fantasy opera omnia cloud
Cloud has 210 Capacity Points(CP) and is equipped with a Rune Blade that gives 50 CP and he has no third/EX skill.
dissidia final fantasy opera omnia squall
On the other hand, Squall has 276/290 CP and has an EX weapon equipped. It gives 80 CP and provides a third/EX skill called Assault Trigger.

With more CP, players are able to equip more stats such as Attack +108 or Abilities-Boosting skills. Weapons function like characters in other Gatcha systems, only coming out for limited time periods. Paid players will definitely have a higher chance of winning or overwhelming certain boss fights or ranking events because of the CP disparity.

Imagine if I have 10 other characters as strong as Squall right here, that player account would be extremely unbalanced.

dissidia final fantasy opera omnia mobile game
ID: 324527982

Same as Fate/Grand Order, please feel free to add me with the ID if you play Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia too!

Final words about Mobile Games

Mobile games are an integral part of our daily lives. There is no discrimination and people of all ages, genders can play and enjoy together.

Do you play mobile games? If you do play Fate/Grand Order as with many anime figurine collectors do, please leave a comment below!

Bonus: Mobius Final Fantasy

I won’t go into details – I was playing Mobius Final Fantasy for over 3 years since it released. Of course, I do play some level challenges every now and then. My account is at level 100, I have something like xx number of job cards, x number of legendary job skins and xx number of Supreme cards

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  1. Ah, yes! The gachapon system! I hate it after spending some amount of money and only getting common stuff. But, I also know that it’s the source of why the game still up. Also sad when they publish more version of the game just to grab cash to fans. I hope they stop that strategy and just improve their game more to have loyal spenders instead.

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