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Why you should own a fake anime figurine.

Fake anime figures are the best in the world!

fate saber, fake anime figurine
Fake Saber from Fate Stay Night Series

Here are 2 main reasons why you should own fake anime figures.

1. Fake anime figures are cheap!

Anime figurines, scale figures, Nendoroids, figma and many more figurines are EXPENSIVE.

All I want is to collect and display my favorite collectible figure. Who the hell can afford a $60-$300 figure every other month!? It is certainly not a good feeling to have one’s wallet to bleed like a waterfall.

1/7 Saber Alter, Fate series, fate stay night
You can get this for USD$50 on Aliexpress compared to official sources of USD$160 and above.

Isn’t it easier to buy off replicates off online marketplaces like Aliexpress or Taobao where the figurines are so much cheaper?

Yes you are right, it is cheaper.

One can find a knock-off online for 1/3 of its original price. Not even 1/3. You can expect 1/5 on certain occasions. This is so much easier on the wallet.

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How to tell the difference between authentic and fake/bootleg anime figures?

Fake anime figures are the poison of the anime world!

Firstly, fake anime figures are the ones destroying the market prices. Secondly, these fakes discourage the authentic hard work put in by their makers. Third, this practice discredits the source of the character. It is humiliating to the creators because it rips off years of hard work.

All in all, this is discrediting the whole line of manga artists, anime producers, visual artists, figurine makers, graphic designers when people support unoriginal work. As a consumer, do not get cheated by this unfaithful replications!

Moreover, some people do not have reservations about owning fake anime figurines because they claim that the figurines look essentially the same. For something that looks the same and cost much lesser, it is fair enough to go for the fake or bootleg figurine. So, why would you buy the more expensive one?

Bootleg Nendoroid, fake tracer, overwatch
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