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Top 5 Tips on buying Anime Figures, Figurines, Merchandise on Carousell

As promised, here is a detailed list of tips before you buy anything on Carousell. This should help you when buying expensive anime figurines on Carousell.

Read up about my overall experience on Carousell here. As much as you would want to buy on impulse, please do go through this checklist mentally and exercise these necessary due diligence!

Here is a summary:

  1. Do your research
  2. Check the reviews and authenticity of the seller
  3. Ask for Photos
  4. Find out how to deal
  5. Double check the product before proceeding with payment

1) Do your research

Research is about everything. Do check out these useful tips!

Am I getting a good price for this item?

You can start your research on the usual retail price through anime merchandise websites such as Good Smile, Amiami, Hobbylink Japan, 1999. Some of these sites display their prices with Yen or USD.

I would use my Oanda Currency Converter app or do a quick Google search to get the prices in SGD with about +/- 3-5% deviation. Local banks websites also have conversion applications. 3-5% deviation happens because your debit/credit card will have surcharge for paying in foreign currency.

Try adding the items into cart and see how much the costs add up, in terms of shipping, taxes and other costs. This would give you a good estimate of the price.

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Carousell Experience with Desudesu

Anime figures, toys and merchandise
carousell, singapore, carousell app

How to deal anime figures on Carousell?

I can’t believe it has been 4 years since I started out selling anime figures, merchandise and toys on the platform Carousell. Carousell is a tech start-up created by a group of Singaporeans in 2012 as a platform to facilitate Consumer-to-Consumer purchases – basically C2C.

Gosh, I am starting to remember my days in university understanding and explaining these business terms.

These are things that you should know before going into the app too deep!

  1. Carousell users do not only post listings to sell
  2. The Carousell community is rife with fraud, shady dealers
  3. Deal at your own risk
  4. Negotiations are the norm in Carousell
  5. What does ‘convenience’ mean at Carousell?
  6. Shipping Costs
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