Terms of Use

Summary of Terms of Use

The following terms governs the usage of this website. Please read through carefully!

Anything you post on DesuDesu is public. Please be sure that you are comfortable the fact that anyone can view anything you post here. DO NOT post any content or use our service to do anything illegal or malicious. Any of your content SHOULD NOT be illegal or malicious. DesuDesu is not responsible — you’re responsible. Please do not hack or attack our website and services. There is nothing for you to gain!

In summary, DesuDesu reserves the right to remove your content or terminate or suspend your account at its sole discretion. DesuDesu is not obliged to participate in the discussion or assist either party if there any any other third-party disputes arising between you and anyone else.

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User Agreement

The following agreement (“Terms”) describes the terms on which we offer you access to the website and its Services, https://www.desudesu.sg as defined below.

If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms in their entirety, you must cease accessing or otherwise using the Services in any way. Your use of any of the services constitutes your agreement to these Terms.

DesuDesu reserves the right to amend these Terms at any point of time at its sole discretion. Any updates to the Terms will be communicated to you through any written contract method that we have established with you. Your use of the website, https://www.desudesu.sg following the date on which such amended Terms are published will constitute consent to such amendments.


You may see advertising in and around DesuDesu. We aim to have an uncluttered experience on the website so we will content experience where it makes sense. We will not place any ads on your blog. We will insert affiliate links into your content where it makes sense. However, if you insert your own affiliate codes then we won’t remove them. Your content may be used with full credit and they will be linked back to you.

Privacy Policy

We will only store personal information required for us to process your order. We do not keep any credit card information or unrelated personal information. You can check out DesuDesu’s Privacy Policy here that is kept most to date with Singapore’s PDPA.

Warranty, Disclaimer, Limitation of Liabilities and Waiver

When there are updates to these Terms, we will update them here and do our best to communicate any changes to our users.

Definitions in ‘Terms of Use’

“Company” or “DesuDesu” or “We” or “Us” shall refer to DesuDesu Pte Ltd.

“Service” or “Services” shall mean any of the e-commerce service or other services offered by the Company, including. This includes those described in this Terms of Use, whether through a website owned or controlled by the Company, through a social media network on your mobile phone or otherwise.

“Term” or “Terms” shall mean any terms and conditions set forth in this Terms of Use page that governs the usage of this website.

“User Contributed Content” or “Content” shall mean each and every item of content or other material. THis can mean images, links, documents, text, writings, photographs, graphics, videos, or files) that are uploaded by a user through the Service or otherwise integrated into the Service.

You” refers to you, as in DesuDesu’s website visitor or a customer, an anime community member, or as a friend of the anime figurine scene in Singapore.